An idea develop to enhance morning life, by organising healthy events instead of toxic ones. You will be more mindful and productive throughout your day.
Meditation/yoga/therapy sessions/breath work/deep work/DJ sessions. What more do you want? Laddu.
We suggest you to wear in your yoga wear and and dress code would be your fanciest sports wear.
We range from 1200 to 1800
With every pricing option you pick, there will be something value added options for sure, we suggest you go for VIP
If you are bored with nightlife and want a break from your fitness routines then come lets experience Sundance together.
If you really want to enjoy and experience a different kind of a morning – it’s for you! + Goodies
We promise you it will be the best start of your day and we suggest you to bring yoga mats, or else it will be chargeable.