What are the benefits of morning yoga?

What are the benefits of morning yoga?

Let’s face it. Not all of us like morning routines! Some of us are morning birds, while the rest are more like night owls. Not everybody likes to wake at 6.00 AM to the sounds of an alarm and get on with thumping workout! Some of us like to take it easy and relax and wake up to go for a leisurely walk in the mid morning’s warm sunshine.

Whichever category you belong to, a gentle form of morning yoga can be a middle ground that can help you get the desired mobility in the morning hours. If you set this up for a routine, you shall notice a significant difference in your mood and health.

Depending upon the type of yoga you choose for your morning routine, here are some of the benefits which you shall definitely experience once you start practicing yoga in the morning. You can choose whatever time suits you and ensure you have a good night’s rest too!

1. Increased Focus

When you start your day with a short meditation session, it will clear your mind and help you concentrate. Afterward, you can start with simple one leg balances to enhance focus (for example, knee hugs while standing tall) which will force you to focus on that delicate balance! Your brain will be ready and will be alert for the rest of the day. 

With yoga, may not feel the need of caffeine to get focused! Anyone doing yoga in the morning can have an alert mind and awake senses. Practicing sun salutations, backbends and stretches along with breathing exercises can help you increase focus for the day.

2. Boost your Energy Levels

Moving your body involves all kinds of cell movement and cell oxygenation. When your cells refresh the oxygen that runs through them enables your body to experience reinvigoration too. Even if you are someone who is not a fan of hard workouts, gentle sun salutations as a part of morning yoga can refresh your mind, body and spirit. After all, it is called Sun Salutations for a reason!

Bringing your limbs to a position where they don’t normally spend the day energizes you to kickstart your day. You will definitely feel lighter, fresher and more awake!

3. Reduced Stress

The cool morning air gives more oxygen to your cells and a much clearer focus for the day ahead. That is why you are able to feel relaxed and less stressful about your routine. You wouldn’t be worried about the meeting with the boss or won’t be fussing over that missed deadline! Morning yoga can help you reduce stress levels and proceed for the day with a positive approach and thought process.

4. Tone Up

Once you are a regular with the morning yoga routine, you will automatically get a toned body. With toned arms, strong back, and thin legs, your body will have a positive transformation that will be noticeable and give you a major confidence boost.

In order to practice morning yoga, you don’t have to drive all the way to a fitness studio or even the park, especially in the middle of a pandemic! There are tons of online resources to help you get a fresh start to your mornings that you can practice daily! At Sundance, we get you an opportunity to get a fresh start to your mornings and make them super energizing and refreshing for you! Connect with us to know more!