woman doing upward dog

Why am I doing this? What’s my story? What is my motivation to start something like this?

Well I used to be a fat kid like a sick fat one, at the age of 16 I determined myself to lose weight by the help of my coaches and friends I did whatever it took to lose 40 kg of my body and that transformed me as a person. I felt the impact of how much focusing on health can change a person and have a more fulfilling life but sooner or later the routine became very mundane and gyms started to bore me out and the element of fun started waving out.

In my college life I met musicians whom I spent lot of time with and it made me get into music and it took me on a journey of lifetime and it changed me as a person completely and made me meet a vast quality of people and it has always been a bliss to interact with people with artistic mindset, with music came the clubs and I have been clubbing since 2015 and now it has just become a pattern filled with drugs and crazy amount of alcohol which I believe I have gotten sort of bored off and the impact it has on health is not very fun in the long run.

The entrepreneur inside of me has always been curious to do or add new things in life. I felt what if I combine the health and music and make workouts fun and have a bliss of ecstasy without doing one. That’s how ‘SUNDANCE’ is created and that’s the story of it. Its a journey of pure bliss I promise of you will forget ‘HIIT’ when you will hit the floor in the morning and dance your ass off. So join me in this revolution of your workout where you can be yourself and dance on the waves of music including lot of other things, promising that each workout will feel like an experience.